Common Sense

Once again, a young girl has come to the message boards begging for a protection spell.  She has somehow managed to date someone who has turned out to be an obsessive stalker-type, and who appears to be following her around and threatening her.

It is surprisingly common to get posts like this on pagan message boards, and the response is almost always the same: call the police and file for a restraining order.  Yet despite such a common sense answer, requests for spells to keep such creeps away from tender young girls keep coming in.

I may be labeled an asshole by saying this, but I don’t always assume these girls are innocent.  Yes, it’s quite possible that some young girl went on an innocent date with a guy who seemed perfectly nice, only to have him turn into a complete psycho-stalker-freak.  I have, however, seen more than my share of young girls who are attracted to and seek out “dangerous” guys, knowing them to be overly aggressive, possessive, and possibly even abusive, and then have those same girls become confused when the guy they selected acts that way with them.  That’s not to say that they deserve to be treated in such ways, but ladies, you need to be aware of what you’re getting in to.

That said, I’m disturbed by the overarching trend in these help requests.  The issue can easily be reduced to the question of how much action is needed to help magic along, but I think it’s a much simpler concern: people want quick fixes that bypass both common sense and personal responsibility.  It seems like the most obvious think in the world that if a young girl is being followed and threaten by soem creep, she should call the police and seek protective measures vefore going to a bunch of strangers and requesting a spell that she most likely isn’t proficient enough to perform properly anyway.  Is there some stigma associated with filing a restraining order that will somehow dissapear if similar action is taken in secret via magic?  Is there some assumption that a spell will act instantly and avoid the nasty consequences that the police might inflict upon the other person (and if the guy is that much of a creep, why would it matter)?

Magic is not a cure-all.  Yes, it can accomplish astounding things, but in my experience magic always works by the most direct and obvious route, implying that such efficiency in action is best for other situations as well.  It just seems much simpler to me to utilize the mundane resources one has available before one sees fit to bend the forces of the universe to one’s will, as those mundane resources will most likely require less effort on the part of a universe that likes to conserve momentum.

In short, using a little bit of common sense and initiative often precludes the use of magic, and will usually get more substantial and rapid results.  So if you are a young girl who is being stalked by a creep, call the police.  It is an effective measure that has immediate results, visible consequences, is easily accessible, and doesn’t require an in-depth knowledge of the occult arts.


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