The Gray Dragon had also grown attachments to worldly things.  His attention wandered to events on the land beneath the Palace of Wind, and he concerned himself with happenings which were not of his domain, or of his clan.  Corruption entered into him, and he became impure.

The Wind Orb rejected the Gray Dragon’s right to Mastery, and it caused a Being of Wind to emerge from itself.  If the Gray Dragon was to remain Master, he would face a test.  The Being of Wind confronted the Dragon in the central courtyard of the Palace of Wind, among walls of mica and towers of citrine, and challenged him to battle for the right of Mastery over the Orb.

“The Orb has deemed you unworthy and corrupt, for your concerns are not those of your duty, but of wistfulness for things outside of your domain.  I have been brought forth to test your worth; I shall cast your ruin down and claim Mastery of the Orb for myself, for I shall keep it true!”

The Dragon answered this call to battle.

“Face me then, with your challenge!  I am rightly the Master of Wind, as ordained by the Emissary to the Celestial Shadow, and you shall not prevail!”

The two beings locked in combat, tearing and rending each other with claw and fang, not having time to gird for battle with proper weapons of war.  But strength of muscle and tenacity could not win the battle, for the Mastery over Wind was in dispute.  The Being of Wind called upon the Orb and summoned a fierce gale, which threatened to blow the Gray Dragon from the Palace’s heights.  The Dragon tried to become the Wind and redirect it, but found that within him, there was other than the Power of Wind, for he had become corrupt with the ways and desires of things outside of his domain.  Try as he might to blend with he Wind or move against it, the Dragon’s corruption caught the force of the gale, and dragged him ever closer to the ledge.

Knowing his folly, the Gray Dragon did the only thing he could do, casting off that of himself which had been given to affairs outside of his domain, and hence restoring his purity.  Wielding the malleability that the Power of Wind grants, he fashioned this weighty corruption into a net, and set it aloft in the gale, which he turned up and back toward the Being of Wind.  Confident in his victory, the Being of Wind was trapped by the net, which mired him down and caught the force of the Dragon’s Gale.  The Being of Wind was driven by the gale into the openness beneath the Palace of Wind, and was thrown forcibly to the ground far below.

The Gray Dragon then descended to the ruin of the Being of Wind, now armed with the vile spear, and smoted his foe with it, pinning his spirit the the ground until it withered up and was no more.  Now knowing the error of his ways, the Gray Dragon returned to his Palace, rightful Master of Wind, and hoped that his brethren were able to pass the test that he had endured.


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