Irony of ironies, I usually prove myself capable when it comes to interpreting the dreams of others, even if it’s someone I don’t know too well or if I have little appreciation for his or her personal symbolic system.  Sure, I fudge it a lot, but Intuition is a Kind Mistress, and often leads me into the right direction or symbols.  But in kind of a perverse twist on the myth that a magician shouldn’t work for himself, I can’t seen to interpret my own dreams.

Yes, there obviously was a dream that has gotten me thinking lately.  It wasn’t a major affair — no journeys up the tree of life, or into the underworld, or into battle, or into someone’s bed.  It was just me having a casual conversation with someone, the contents of which I don’t recall in the least (Okay, there was a part where I was in command of a giant combat mech, but that was a different part).  The significance of the dream was due primarily to the fact that upon waking up, it felt really important.  So not only was I unable to figure out the significance of the dream, I didn’t even have much symbolism to build upon in the first place — all  I had to go on was a vague impression that what was otherwise an insignificant dream was somehow important.  Intuition is a bit of  Fickle mistress.

So here I am, left with a vague sense of unrest, and no real recourse to turn to.  Tarot doesn’t seem to lend itself too well to dream interpretations, and other psychics cost money that I don’t have (and couche their readings in New Age Christian language that doesn’t make much sense to me — I mean, that would if I actually gathered to money to go see one …).  So something important might be coming my way, and I don’t know what it is, how to prepare for it, or how it might affect me.  But if someone else had a similar dream, I’m sure I could come up with something.  Intuition is a Harsh Mistress.


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