Feedback from “The Color of Self Esteem”

The Color of Self-Esteem was published on the Witches’ Voice a few weeks ago.  I received a lot of positive feedback.  Apparently a lot of people out there take issue with the wonderfulness of Indigo Chuldren, and the resulting lack of parenting and discipline by those who believe they are raising the enlightened (and narcissistic) future of mankind.


Thank you for your brief but insightful article on “Indigo Children”. I am delighted to know that at least one other pagan out there agrees that our faith does not preclude the concept of discipline nor the need to function in society. I personally have had just about enough of deluded parents unwilling to act like parents and truly lead their children, truly raise them to be decent human being instead of pampered, spoiled rotten demanding entitled brats.

Thank you for restoring part of my faith in mankind.


Dear Magdellena,

Thank you for your interest in my article.

It surprises me how many in the neopagan and metaphysical communities support the Indigo phenomena.  I suppose that despite the importance of discipline and accountability to the magical practices that many neopagans undertake, the appeal of believing that the coming generation will bring a Utopian change to society is sometimes too great to resist.  Fortunately, enough of us still seem to remember the value in discipline and accountability, and will be able to demonstrate these qualities to the young among us who may not have benefited from them.

Best Wishes,
Chirotus Infinitum

Your article was so needed. I have been saying it for a long time, but to see someone else write it sharing my same thoughts on the facts was wonderful.

Parents that label their kids as Indigos give the kids permission to behave however they like without thought to others, and gives the parent permission not to parent at all.

I have seen it myself. There are 3 “indigos” in my life. 2 are young, and not beyond getting help. The third is a 16 year old that is insulting, insolent, mean, unmotivated, and shows just how these indigo kids will grow up.

Hard to become a respectful human being when you haven’t been told how to become one.

Thank you for your article. It may not change the minds of people who are convinced their kids are indigo, but it may open the eyes of others that may have contact with them and may be able to get the kids the help they need … be they ADD, ADHD or Aspergers children.

Cheryl in Oakville, Ontario

Dear Cheryl,

Thank you for your interest in my article.

The Indigo phenomena has been cause for some irritation and even amusement, but what really bothers me is the fact that some people use this as an excuse to avoid not just disciplining their children, but treating children with real problems.  The people who buy into this seem to think they are ushering in the future mankind, but the coming generations are the ones that will have to suffer for their inability to handle criticism or deal with the troubles life has to offer.  Hopefully enough people will reinforce the values of accountability and responsibility that the Indigo children will be able to make use of these qualities should they eventually decide to make use of them.

Best Wishes,
Chirotus Infinitum

I wanted to simply say thank you for your article on Indigo children. I am a pagan and a Nurse. I have only been in a few situations where I have encountered young adults who were convinced they were Indigo children- and frankly, the ones I have seen have disturbed me. They seemed more to me like individuals with phyco-social disorders than the next evolutionary step of our species.
Thank you for “going against the grain” a bit and sharing your thoughts on the subject.


Dear Solemnwolf,

Thank you for your interest in my article.

I have also encountered self-described Indigo Children, and I can say that I was not hopeful for the evolutionary prospects of humanity.  What bothered me most is that no one seemed willing to call the proponents of this phenomenon on what appeared to be a exercise in permissiveness.  I’ve heard from enough readers with regard to this essay that I am hopeful that though mostly silent, the majority of those in the neopagan community regard the Indigo Child phenomenon with a very healthy skepticism.

Best Wishes,
Chirotus Infinitum


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