It rained today.  The clouds built throughout the day, fueled by the scorching heat and pressing humidity that have plagued Eastern Kansas for the past few weeks.  A heavy rain fell, cutting the dense air and releasing the immense pressure in the sky.

I watched the clouds earlier, marveling at their structure.  Clouds build along fairly predictable lines, with easily recognizable shapes, despite the fact that they don’t follow exact patterns.  Like all things in nature, they embody the underlying chaos of the world, only they show it more apparently, fluffing up in a series of fractals that give rise to the pleasant fluffiness we know so well.

Stormclouds show the universe for what it is: a series of mathematical interactions corrupted by probability theory.  No matter how simple the equation, it must first be ground up by the functions of chaos mathematics and infused with the random strangeness that is the essence of life.  It is that quantum indeterminacy, more than anything, that animates the vital qi the permiates creation, which is why aspirations to perfection invariably fantasize about the quiet, sure stillness at the center of creation.  That stillness is the antithesis of all manifest reality, which is perhaps why Lovecraft envisioned it to be inhabited by a mad god.

Thunderstorms have always amazed me for the qualities the show.  All of the elements are present withing a storm, each conflicting yet working with the others as the raw power stored in the air is released.  They act randomly yet predictable, give life yet destroy, rifting through the atmosphere freeing unimaginable amounts of energy.  Truly the wonder they display is nothing more than the unfiltered essence of life.


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