haven’t been to Chicago in years. I missed the place. It has such a unique energy to it, one that made me tingle when I was still 100 miles away. It’s hard for me to sleep in Chicago, in part because of that energy, and in part because of all the constant activity of so many people in such a close proximity. But I don’t seem to need too much sleep while I’m there, or eat as often, for that matter. I did some magic while I was there too, which I didn’t do last time — all I did was ward a U-Haul truck, but it left me buzzing much harder than usual.

I finally got to visit the Sears Tower. That in itself was a religious experience …

Last time I was there, a psychic told me I would move to Chicago. I wanted to, but never seemed to make it. Perhaps someday I’ll end up there. For now, I have friends who have moved up there, so I’ve got an excuse to go more often and a place to stay when I do. If anyone can suggest places to visit and occult shops to investigate, please do!


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