Feedback on “Banishing and Protection”

I’m far behind on updating the feedback I’ve gotten from my last few articles, so I think I’ll tackle them
now.  “Banishing and Protection” appeared some time ago and got some fairly good responses to it.  One reader even asked me for some help with a banishing ritual, which I provided.  Comments on readers’ comments, my responses, or the original article are welcome.



I just read your post about banishing and protection spells and
found it really interesting. I have just moved into a new room and wondered if
you knew of any spells that I could cast to protect myself in the room while
working magic. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

Blessed Be

Dear George,
Thank you for your interest in my article.

What magical system do you work with?  Most magical systems already have
established banishing rituals, and it’s just a matter of finding and
implementing them.  For example, I frequently practice Qabalistic
Ceremonial magic, so the banishing ritual that I use most often is the Lesser
Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.  So, depending on what tradition you
practice, there should be something appropriate to it.

A friend of mine and I did develop a generic banishing ritual, that does not
draw upon too many symbols from specific traditions, but keep in mind that
those symbols help establish the proper mindset and can increase
efficacy.  If you like, though, you can try it out:

Close your eyes, and breathe deeply, imagining that you are drawing a column of
light from far above your head, through your body, down deep into the center of
the Earth.

Face East.  Breathe in deeply, and as you exhale, yell out “HA!”
while pushing forcefully away from you, palms out and thumbs extended, so that
your hands make a triangle.

Repeat this for the other three directions, from South to West to North.

When you have completed the circle, stand in the center with arms raised, and
declare “I am the point of Spirit in the center!”  Repeat the
visualization of the column of light, expect this time, as is passes through
your body, see it spreading out into the circle you have created.

If you do try it or modify it, let me know how it works.

Best Wishes,
Chirotus Infinitum.


Greetings. I’m Xan (short for Alyxander)

I read your article on Witchvox, a fascinating piece of writing You really
seem to have done your homework. I am curious if you might be willing to help
me with something.

You mentioned in your article the “basic” forms of shielding. The
visualizations of a bubble or ribbons of light, I am afraid my instruction in
such areas are quite lacking. I know the bubble technique, but I find my wards
and shields rather weak. I can make a sort of “early warning” system
for my room. but I cannot stop anything from entering (several…. things….
live at my house and like to try and get in when my guard is down.) I can
deflect other Psychics, in a way. I cannot stop their efforts, but I’m normally
able to deflect their efforts onto something else (Normally a crystal I keep in
my pocket)

Perhaps you could educate me in more effective forms of shielding? Or tell me
were to look? There are several ….. I believe you used the term “Psychic Vampires”
in my school that have taken interest in me and holding them off has become
difficult. As for the things in the house, my friend can normally dissuade
them, and a large crystal on my shelf seems to work better then anything else I
can make to hold them off, but my friend tells me that can only last so long.
My skills lay in healing and sight, I feel terribly out of my depth among these
offensive types. Can you help me?

A hopeful fellow,

Dear Xan,

Thank you for your interest in my article.

My first question for you is what kind of regular magical practice are you engaging in?  Do you have a regular schedule of
banishing/meditative ritual or practice that you undergo (appropriate to whatever tradition or style of magic you practice, of course)?  Use of a regular banishing or other type of energy-raising ritual will help you more easily recognize, raise, and control the subtle energies that will help you to generate effective shields.  It may be that you’re having difficulty keeping things out not due to problems of technique, but simply because you seem more inclined to receive than emit energy, and any practice that helps you with this should help your shielding efforts.

You may find it easier to use external objects in your shielding efforts.  Black tourmaline, obsidian, quartz, iron, and copper are all effective at keeping negative things away.  Perhaps you may want to try inscribing protective sigils on pieces of copper or iron and placing them at the corners of your room (don’t forget the ceilings!), or for that matter, protective sigilson simple pieces of paper should work as well.  Experiment and see what works.

As for the problem with psychic vampirism, try copper.  Copper has Solar qualities that tend to repel those that are a drain on our energies.  I have a friend that is a huge psychic sponge (and doesn’t realize it!), and my girlfriend was very susceptible to being drained — I was going to use a dremmel to engrave a sigil on a piece of copper and make a
necklace out of it, but my girlfriend just put the copper in her pocket and it  worked just fine.  A small bracelet or ring may help as well.

For more ideas on magical protection, I recommend the book Protection & Reversal Magick by Jason Miller.  It has provided me with many good examples and ideas.

Good luck, and Best Wishes,

Chirotus Infinitum.


Dear Chirotus Infinitum,

I always read the profiles of authors whose articles I particularly enjoy, and
I was amused to find that you and I are probably about as far apart on the
magical spectrum as we could possibly get. That said, I couldn’t have
appreciated your article more. Not only is it well-written, but it makes a
point that desperately needs to be made in this community.

Whether people like it or not, the world, human nature, society, and anything
you can think of is harrowing as well as beautiful, and even if you never, ever
dabble in any kind of magic, in this world, in order to survive, you need
shields. We have them built in, for crying out loud–skin! Mundae interactions,
as you pointed out, require boundaries–so why should somethng so powerful be

Something I think you sort of suggested, but didn’t really ellaborate on, stuck
in my mind. It occurs to me that so many of the people who don’t want to bother
with or refuse to believe they need shielding skills are the people with very poor social skills
and boundaries. Recently my coven has been bombarded with people interested in
joining, but who repell us personally and magically–because we have shileds,
and we can tell that they DON’T. The Pagan/Magical community is apparently rife
with people looking for someone to spoonfeed them all the easy answers to
life’s cunundrums and eager to be magical by association–just be virtue of
hanging out with people who are willing to do the work. I personally, and my coven
with me, are not having that–life’s too short.

So thanks again for following, and encouraging, the rules.


Dear Castiel,

Thank you for your interest in my article.  I’m glad
that the issues I raised were able to transcend differences in magical

One of the reasons I wrote this particular essay is the fact
that so many people involved in paganism seem too eagar to dismiss the
establishment of any kind of boundaries.  I have noticed that a
substantial part of this, as you have said, seems to be related to the large
number or neopagans that have relatively poor social skills, and therefore usually
have a difficult time dealing with social boundaries of any kind.  I’m not
sure if this is a problem that goes in hand with increased empathic and psychic abilities,
but I suspect that it is indicative of a larger cultural imperative to share
everything with others and expect them to respond in kind, in part due to a
rejection of “restrictive” traditional social boundaries…..

No one seems to ponder the fact that such social boundaries
exist because they help people function more easily among strangers who they do
not wish to share their deepest secrets with, and in fact I have encountered
some who regard a need for privacy as near pathological.  My cynical
nature wants to believe that this is a sign of socially inept and damaged people
attemptingt to rewrite their problems as gifts and depict normal, adjusted
individuals as unenlightened, a phenomenon I hinted at in my essay on the
Indigo Children, and which I explore more in depth in an essay on the escapist
mentality in neopaganism, which I am just finishing up.

Again, thanks for your interest, and your feedback.

Best Wishes,

Chirotus Infinitum


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