Feedback on “Warding the Home”

“Warding the Home” was written and published about the same time that “Banishing and Protection” was.  Judging by the numbers of reads on the
Witches’ Voice, it was pretty popular, although I didn’t get too much extensive feedback from it.  I don’t seem to have replied to any of these e-mails at the time, so any comments by me are freshly written, and addressed to the wider audience (if there is one!) rather than the initial writer.


Hit home when I put up protection for this house, I did Up
stairs basement , under the den, garage, shed, and forgot the back porch. So
while I was about 4 feet away one of the barbaques was stollen. Did not have
time to say enjoy or any thing else. Cover all bases.

One thing that I’m careful (read: paranoid)
about is making sure my wards are all-encompassing.  I double-check to ensure that all areas of
the property and living space are covered, and I’m sure to include crawlspaces,
basements, attics, and plumbing connections.
This reader’s experience shows why this is a good idea.  I’m also partial to layering my wards, so
that in addition to covering components of the dwelling, there is a broader,
encompassing boundary around the whole property.


Hello! Your article caught my eye. I have been accused of
being a ‘fluffy bunny’ in a pagan chat group that I am in, only because I send
out blessings and refuse to hate anyone; however, I have never claimed to like
everyone, incl. the goofs on that site (I mostly lurk there now) . One
discussion that they had involved warding; my e-mail did not get past the
moderator. I did many things before/after we purchased this home. It was a
dream fulfilled, to buy a house instead of renting, and being at the mercy of a
cold-hearted landlord. My sensitive friends will go on and on about how
peaceful and positive the energy vibe is about my home. I grow and dry my own
sage, white and russian, and I make my own sage wands which I use to smudge our
house and yard. I also make my own incenses in several forms, and it is a rare
day that I do not burn some as an offering and prayer out to Godess. I also
buried pennies, placed stones and crystals about the yard; have different items
on my windowsills, etc. THIS is the part that I believe did the moderator in- I
had a friend of mine (an RN) stick a catheter in my arm, and removed about a
pint and a half of my blood in to a bowl. I allowed it to dry (it took a while)
and then I ground it up, and went all about the perimeter of my house,
sprinkling the dry blood on the ground. It is not as ghoulish as some might
think, and it is putting some of myself around to help keep negative
out/positive in. I am a firm believer in the sanctity of a Pagan home. The
mundane has to be kept out and away from us. And as we all are, we like input
on our stuff and sometimes others can give us ideas or have found stuff in our
seeking and research to make sense out of stuff. I never read of any thing
other than this or that with menstrual blood; I did what I did after meditation
and feeling that it was a correct thing to do. The former owner here was an
older invalid, and I wanted any type of left-over patterns from this property
to dissolve. You may be inundated with e-mails after the article, but if you
have any info on ‘blood
rituals’ that you thnk may pertain, let me know. Blessings and


Many contemporary pagans would balk at Chal’s use of bloodletting in ritual (except maybe some gothic pagans and
Satanists, I suppose).  His use of blood was highly appropriate, however: 1) it was his own; 2) it was given freely and
mindfully; 3) it seems to have been carefully and properly prepared, instead of casually splashed about; and 4) it appears to have been stunningly powerful and
effective.  Sure, it may not be for everybody, but no one can deny the intimacy and power that such actions will provide to a ward.

Everything else Chal mentions is also sure to be effective, especially when used together.  Sure, burning sage is almost cliché now, but it works, as do pennies, crystals, and other sacred and protective objects placed around the perimeter.  I would think twice before sending anything Chal’s way, as it would be difficult to
penetrate the perimeter, and anything that did would likely be neutralized fairly quickly.  Kudos to our intrepid magician here!.

I am kind of curious, however, how someone could be accused of being too fluffy and yet censored for discussing the ritual uses of blood.  Go figure.


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