Big Site Update!

I haven’t updates the site or written anything big for a while, so I re-examined Blacklight Metaphysics and thought about what I could change on it, to make it not only more interesting, but also easier for me to update or add content to. I’ve decided to emphasize the blogging aspect of my work a little more, so I went with a WordPress format that allows me to maintain my essays and still provide a visible format for blog posts and comments. I’ve also been working with a few people who may be interested in contributing occasionally, and this format will make that easier for them to do as well.

It may be a while for me to work all the kinks out of the new format, and longer still before I transfer everying fully to my domain at (instead of just the redirect), but I’m hopeful it will work out better. Feel free to let me know how the new look works!


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