Site Updates and Transfers

For first-time readers, Blacklight Metaphysics has been up and running for several years now. Prior to that, I posted comments and updates on my MySpace blog. For the most part, my website and blog centered around the dozen or so essay I’ve written on occult-related topics, with a few miscellaneous observations in between.

I’m working on using this site as a more regular blog, thus de-emphasizing my more formal essays. Still, I welcome anyone who is not familiar with this work to take a look at it and let me know what you think.

As far as blogging is concerned, I have also copied a large majority of my MySpace blog posts to this blog (with the original time and date stamps). I have left out a few that served as little more than announcements to my MySpace friends of upcoming essays and new publications, but my more random musings are intact. (I was unable to get the comments copied, at least for now.) At any rate, I also invite any curious parties to take a look through my old blog posts as well — as of now there’s only about two dozen or so, so I promise it won’t waste too much time.


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