Advice from Mars

Never be afraid of your passions. Love with all of your being. Tear out your hair in concern for your friends. Give as much of yourself as possible to show hospitality. But to be human is to love and to hate. Show your enemies no mercy. Burn with vengeance when wronged. Give no quarter to those who fight against you.

Relish all experiences, especially the small ones, as they are the true stuff of life. Enjoy good food, good drink, and good company. Take joy in sensuality. Remember that pain is also a part of life, and do not be quick to curse it. Contemplate the lessons of pain and suffering, and let every day of illness make you more appreciative of good health.

Live by your heart, but by your mind also. Passion should fire your heart and motivate you, but not rule over you as a beast. Develop intellect and reason. A strong mind and a strong heart make a whole person. Passion tempered with intellect gives rise to true wisdom.

Yearn to fulfill your destiny, for the gods have set your fate down for you. Enjoy the other exploits in life that give you pleasure. Be generous and show hospitality to others, but be firm with those who seek to exploit or exert undue control over you. Fight with all of your might to protect your family and friends. Sacrifice to protect your country. In these things find solidarity with your neighbors and your community. Live together in peace, and fight that which threatens peace. Rise up against tyranny, and protect the weak and victimized. Aid those is need, that they may rise back to their feet again.

Live life to the fullest. Take refuge in the gods and your friends.


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