PETA v Santeria

Jason at the Wild Hunt highlights an interesting case in which some enlightened and tolerant folks, who certainly aren’t prejudiced at all, because they said so, repeatedly, are upset that heir Santerian neighbors are sacrificing chickens.

One of the neighbors is so offended at the killing of chickens and playing of bongos that he or she contacted PETA, which is apparently all about suppressing minority religions in order to prevent the eating of animals that they could otherwise euthanize.

Jason, who’s politics surely differ from mine on many respects, is spot on in his rather unkind characterization of PETA:

PETA, perhaps feeling that their racist, sexist, sizeist, anti-Semitic, misogynistic, and transphobic campaigns haven’t been going far enough, they now feel the need to attack minority religions as well by getting involved in a local spat. Never mind the sheer hypocrisy of calling animal sacrifice “abuse”, while they “humanely” euthanize thousands of healthy unwanted animals, and have even had employees charged with illegal disposal of animal corpses. I guess context is king. All I know is that I’ve been a vegan for years, and I’ve never supported this group.

Amen and pass the Quorn.

As for the likelihood of legally suppressing Santeria animal sacrifice, fortunately, it doesn’t look good.


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