Magic Manners

Pagan blogger Albiana presents an article at the Witches’ Voice on ritual and circle etiquette, as well as considerations that you should keep in mind if invited to participate in a magical group/circle/coven that you haven’t worked with before.

Did you know that there are delicate matters of etiquette and protocol you are expected to know and abide by when attending a ritual, even an open, public one? Are you aware of what is expected of you as a guest to someone’s covenstead and circle, so you don’t make an embarrassing faux pas or accidentally insult your hosts? Some of these tips below are common sense and a few are requisites for the more traditional type circle arrangements, but it doesn’t hurt to err on the side of decorum even if attending a non-specific ritual gathering.

Albiana presents a rather extensive list that contains a load of common sense advice. Read the whole thing here. Also check out Albiana’s blog Flying off the Broom Handle here.


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