I received an e-mail from Joel Carlinsky, who is a follower of Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone theory and an environmentalist, and operates a blog which is aimed at making people aware of the dangers of using cloud-busters to alter atmospheric patterns. It seems he found my article on weather magic, and feels that the considerations I raise on ethical considerations and the effects of such magic are relevant to his cause. I admit that I’m rather skeptical of the underlying theories of Orgone energy and its effect on weather, not to mention the efficacy of cloud-busters, but I haven’t experimented, and I do write stuff about how to do magic, so I’m not going to be overly critical. (At least not until I find stuff about chemtrails and HAARP superweapons on his blog.) But if he’s dealing with devices aimed at controlling the weather, I suppose my essay is a good place to for a few points to consider beforehand.

But, self-promotion beats skepticism any day. So anyone who’s interested, check it out.


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