Spirit Abuse?

I came across this one at the Witches’ Voice:

Every spirit has its own purpose and role in the world, and yes, it has its specific job, what it was created for or what it chose to do. So it has much better things to do than to carry out blindly someone’s will. If you ask it for help with kindness and respect, that is a totally different approach. You give it a choice; you appeal to an Universal law of reciprocal help, and in this way the spirit may choose to help you or ignore you. In all cases, simply asking for help is not offensive to anyone.

The problem is that many people don’t like to be ignored, so they force their wills on the spirit by various magical and psychic techniques, which is immoral and totally wrong. How would you feel if another person did that to you? How did the slaves feel in humanity’s troubled history? You wouldn’t even do that to your cat or dog… so why would you treat a spirit differently?

It doesn’t matter if it’s just a simple elemental spirit, or a very advanced entity of some sphere…as long as it is in existence, it’s totally wrong to force it to do something. And yes, just as the title says, some may have feelings similar to ours. You must realize that every self-conscious being in existence has some form, some level of emotion or instinct or feeling.

Sadly in the ranks of magicians there is a certain practice that is very widespread. Some use certain Solomonic evocation techniques to summon spirits (mostly angelic, demonic, planetary, Olympic) and force information or an action out of them. What they do is they appeal to the representation of the source of all powers and by charging themselves with its power, and of course “highlighting” the superiority of their divine essence, they force spirits to obey them. It’s true that in most cases they only force demons or demonic spirits… but in my opinion, their practices demonstrate a very low moral standard. They consider themselves directly connected to the Supreme God, source of all powers and to angels who represent an aspect of this Omnipotent source.

This is what you get when you combine moral equivalency to magical practice.

First off, let’s go to the feelings bit. When working in a Judaic or Christian magical system, spirits don’t have feelings, or a will to infringe upon. That is what makes humans different from those beings. And those beings exist to serve Yahweh and His human servants (i.e. the magician). So the statement “Every spirit has its own purpose and role in the world, and yes, it has its specific job, what it was created for or what it chose to do. So it has much better things to do than to carry out blindly someone’s will” is complete and utter nonsense, because it doesn’t have anything better to do.

Now let’s get to the concept of the magical will. A magician evoking a spirit for his own desires will not meet with success, because his authority is false. Performing such an operation, especially with a demonic entity, is a great way to get pwnd. Such operations are to be done in accordance with the magical will, i.e. the higher self, i.e. the part of the magician in direct contact with the divine. Those beings do not operate under the authority of the magician, but under the authority of the Most High whom the magician is acting on the behalf of. The evocations do not contain the language “by mine authority be you bound!” but the language “on the Authority of the Most High Lord God be you bound!” That’s a huge difference.

And lastly, since our intrepid critic apparently has much to grasp about ceremonial magic, let’s address the issue of hierarchy. Those spirits exist in a divine hierarchy,  according to the role and purpose set forth by Yahweh. They follow the commands of those with authority over them, be it a higher level spirit, of the Most High. Like the military, if you get orders through the proper channels, you follow them. The magician must go through proper channels to get the evocation to work properly. You don’t just pick spirit X and issue a command: you make sure your request is approved by the Most High (the Supreme Commander), use his authority to contact Spirit Z, who grants authority to his underling spirit Y, who you then contact to get his authority to issue the order to his underling spirit X.

Perhaps our intrepid witch would benefit from understanding what he criticizes before he opines next time.


2 responses to “Spirit Abuse?

  1. I keep my entity work mainly to deities/godforms, and while it gets more complicated from top to bottom, I’ve found that a sort of contract system seems to work (or perhaps assuage my conscience.) With deities and spirits, I give offerings, under the theory that energy needs to be re-fed from time to time and with the idea that most beings don’t work for free. While it’s less important in some situations – for instance, unless I’m working I don’t want any loose entity in my home, period, and that scenario is unlikely to be met with an offering or even a tiny bribe – I’ve found that smaller incentives do seem to make a difference in how carefully my requests/instructions are followed with the lower entities. I’ve never worked with a daemon to my knowledge, though, so I may well have an experience + knowledge gap.

    • In ceremonial magic, work with angelic entities does involve an exchange or “payment” of energy. When dealing with demonic entities, I presume that this is covered via the trickle-down of authority from higher order beings.

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