Pagan Curses?

No, I don’t mean black magic spells or hexes. I mean cussing. The pagan equivalent of screaming “goddammit!” when you stub your toe, or saying “oh my God” when hearing horrible news.

Since I watched the HBO series Rome I’ve endeavored to incorporate some of the most colorful expletives in my daily speech. It is surprisingly difficult to remember to say “gods below” instead of “oh my God,” although it is much more satisfying than the rather trite “oh my gods” that so many pagans utter.

What I’m really looking at are invocations of this nature that are pagan in and of themselves, and not simply paganized versions of the contemporary Christian exclamations I am seeking to avoid. I would love to hear any ideas on this subject.


One response to “Pagan Curses?

  1. I’m pretty lame in this respect. Somehow, “bats” has become a go-to for situations that normally call for a “damn it.” I have an internal scale for swear words. I should really post a chart.

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