Pagan Charity

Jason at the Wild Hunt highlighted the charity efforts of the Gaia Community, a CUUPS group in my old stomping grounds of Overland Park, KS, to provide relief to those affected by the monster tornado that hit Joplin, MO a while back.

I applaud the efforts of Gaia Community, and any and all other pagan groups that are able to organize such charity efforts. Despite my misgivings regarding the Universalist Unitarian Church, it has proven to be an excellent means by which pagan groups can access and organize larger charity events — something that can be difficult for smaller covens and groups to do. There has been much talk of forming a larger “pagan community” or organized church to unify paganism — and I have proposed such a concept myself — but I think that emphasis needs to be placed of organization and collaboration of resources more than unification of doctrine or practice, as some seem to be advocating.


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