Life, Interupted

School and job are too things that have popped up as topics of discussion here on occasion (usually as excuses), although I try to keep from spilling too much of my personal life on this blog. I tend to save personal stuff for my more personal blogs targeted toward people who know me, well, personally. But certain things insist on intruding into other things that you might not want them to, and I figure this might be a good place to at least offer an update on Why I’m Not Posting, or: Another Cheap Excuse

School is not going well. I have had no time or energy to devote to my studies as I have needed. I may not finish, and though it pains me, I may write it off. The academic environment is hostile to me for reasons that don’t need to be discussed here, and the demands of working 60 or so hours a week at night have not been conducive to my progress. Plus, I’m a vicious procrastinator, and this combination did not serve me well. As a very dear friend of mine often reminds me, sometimes victory costs more than defeat (and as I remind her, a tactical retreat is not always a defeat).

My job sucks. So I’ve gotten another one. I don’t talk about work here much, but I’ve been in the restaurant business for some time, and since I’ve already mentioned the overnight hours, you can guess that I’m not in the fine dining end of things. I am high enough in things that I’m paid a yearly salary instead of by the hour, so I’m not doing to bad, but greener pastures have called. But those pastures lie about 100 miles away.

You’d think that for someone who has worked with Chaos Magic for so long, I’d be more adaptable to change. (Of course, you’d also think I’d have done some ego magic to fox that procrastination thing. I should get to that. Well, later …) But I am a Scorpio, with a Cancer Moon and ascendant, and I like to be settled in my home territory. But I am moving nonetheless, far from my family, friends, and community. I’ll deal with it, but I won’t like it much.

But there is opportunity.

There is a gap between when I leave Current Job and start New Job. I will be packing, but should also get to do some writing. This will make me at least a little happy.

New Job will involve at least two months of training at a location Not Here. Which means living in a hotel room sans mate or offspring, all by my lonesome. This means a lot of free time, and since I’ve given up the internet porn, I need to find something else to occupy myself with. An intensive magical training session should do the trick!

So, no more unusual than normal, my writing could be erratic, probably a large burst of productivity interrupted by a few spots of nothing. Hopefully people out there still remember me and will take a look at anything that I churn out. And if you’re new to things, please take the time to look over my older writings and blogs posts, on the off chance that you find something you didn’t know was there but you like, and because site hits make me happy, and the happier I am the less likely I am to destroy everything.



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