So I haven’t done any magic for months.

Well, not “real” magic. No ritual work. No spells. No sigils. Nothing beyond my regular devotional work to the gods and prayers whispered over candles.

And it’s okay. Because I’ve been damn busy, and this is a whole new kind of magic I’ve been using.

I got a new job. It required me to move to a new place. I now manage a moderate crew without direct supervision. I handle everything from customer service to building maintenance. And I’ve been working for months to undo years of neglect and incompetence by previous managers.

This is one of the most magical things I’ve done, far beyond any ritual work. Having concrete, real world results that directly improve people’s lives is a way better rush than good ritual work.

And now I understand what Phil Hine meant when he said magic should be a means of better engaging the world, not escaping from it.


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