Fyre Lyte brings up something that we all deal with at. Some point, but don’t want to think about: when it comes to relationships, we are all replaceable.

So since I’m in a long-term relationship and don’t want to think about who she’d end up with if we split up, let’s put this in another context.

Most pagans were raised Christian.

That’s right. Your gods are replaceable, too. That old deity you’re so devoted to now might make demands you just won’t submit to, or might fire you for some reason. Or you might have to move to a new city, and all the local spirits you’ve gotten to know will forget you, and you’ll have to make new friends.

And the world keeps turning.

So what interests me is how do you recover from such a relationship change when dealing with deities? What aspects of your life (possibly related to that deity) change as a result? Will “breaking up” with Apollo cause your guitar playing to decline?



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