Space Pagans!

This article presents an interesting thought exercise. How would Paganism adapt to a human migration to other planets?

Personally, I had always wondered how you would read Earth in a natal chart for a colonist born on Mars or the Moon. But a whole other star system? Astrology would not fare well.

Otherwise, I don’t see the problem. There would be spirits relating to natural forces on other planets, and we would have to get to know them (and them us). The existential question is whether our gods are attached to Earth, and if we could take them with us or they would have to stay behind. Depending on the nature of the gods, they might already be on other planets. Either way, from a practical level it shouldn’t matter, and we’d just need to cultivate relationships with the gods present wherever we moved to.

But given that an effort to colonize other planets would involve generational spacecraft (it did in Firefly, too), what would happen to paganism during the crossing? What gods could come with us for several hundred years in a tin can surrounded by void?


4 responses to “Space Pagans!

  1. I would imagine that in the event of a multi-generational space journey our relationships to gods associated to culture and/or human emotions could remain intact while our relationships with nature-based deities would be strained until landing. Also, I don’t know if gods monitor time in the same way we do, so perhaps they would be unphased by a journey that would take us ages.

  2. And a year later I have to add that I’m very curious to see if any pagans decide to participate in the Mars One competition for a one way trip to colonize the Red Planet. Will we have a temple for Mars on Mars in a couple of decades?

      • haha. Yes, quite. In my vlog description I dared people to consider burning incense in zero-G in addition to considering Iron Oxide as one of the elemental Watchtowers.

        After posting I was thinking more on the subject, but I couldn’t have added anything more enlightening on the subject of space paganism adaptations. I don’t have a science background and I’m poorly versed in sci-fi culture to catch all the pitfalls we’d certainly run into attempting to practice “up there”.

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