Chirotus the Teacher

I have a pretty big ego. I’m okay with this, since I’m aware of it, and still keep pretty good track of my faults and limitations. But I love feeling important and valuable, and am very suceptible to flattery, even when I recognize it for what it is.

And what greater flattery for a magician than to be sought out as a teacher? To be in demand as a mentor? To have young aspirants come to you, because what you have is that valuable to them?

Screw ’em all. They have Cunningham and Ravenwolf to start them off. Leave me alone.

Not that I don’t still find the notion of an apprentice appealing. Indeed, I regard it as a vital step in my own development. But let’s just say my past attempts to teach have been less than successful.

I’m a pretty easy mark. Establish a friendship with me and ask for help and I’m there. Ask to be taught how I do what I do, and I’m intruiged, especially if I know you have past experience and you show innate potential. Sure, I’ll show you some stuff.

I need to learn more discernment.

I’ve had a few people ask me to teach them. And they seem to like to flake on me. Pick up a few tricks, and then disappear.

It’s insulting. To have someone beg me, then offer it to them, and have them turn up their noses.

I’m considering requiring a letter of interest and some references. A 5000 word essay explaining why they want to learn, and why from me. And a three-day wait outside my door, like on Fight Club.

Cause everyone wants to feel important, but my time is indeed valuable. So i’d rather not waste it.


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