Yet Another Closet

Lupa is brave enough to discuss her difficulties in dealing with another one of those aspects of self that often faces misunderstanding or ridicule: Mental Illness.
This is powerful stuff, and Lupa hits a lot of it dead on. It’s complicated when counseling others in an area you still have trouble with yourself. People with mental illnesses do face some fierce stigmas, especially in professional circles. And converse of the newage community often equating mental illness with certain spiritual practices or capabilities complicates things even more.  (In addition, some circles have a tendency to discourage treatment for mental illnesses and other conditions because they regard them as spiritual assets. Schizophrenia doesn’t automatically make you a shaman, and your Indigo Child really might be autistic and not “awe-tastic.”)
So, read the whole thing here. And thank Lupa for sharing such an intimate and difficult aspect of her psyche.


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