The new year is coming up, despite what newage fluffer lightworkers may say. And this always brings into mind the notion that a number change on a calendar somehow obligates you to commit to Grand Changes over the next year. I’ve never liked the resolution tradition, especially since part of the farce involed resolving to an impractical goal that you were sure to fail at, and not really expecting to succeed.

I’m reconsidering my position.

One of the problems I have to engaging in large scale change is that there never seems to be a good time to start. Setting the new year as this time fixes that. My other problem is setting too grand a goal, and then expecting failure. I think I’ve got this one figured out: the neo-wiccan calendar offers great timeframes to set goalposts by which to achieve smaller goals that will allow you to complete your larger goal.

I must give this more thought, as I may end up making some resolutions this year.


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