Spell Breaking

I recently came across a helpful little essay advising the young novice how to handle the problem of removing a spell that has been placed upon oneself.

Not really. What I found was this: How to Break a Spell or Enchantment.

So obviously, I’ve got a few contentions with the points our intrepid author tries to make. So the picking begins.

First, what constitutes a spell?

There are many common spells used every day some of which the wielder does not know they even do.. Any form of manipulation of thought or spirit is a form of magic so lets look at some common ones.. One being mind manipulation at work, another being a love, lust manipulation and another being an emotional form of manipulation. Each of which changes or hurts another if used in the negative.

Um, so the only kind of spells out there are kinds of manipulation? Which are only bad in “used in the negative.” So I’m guessing that if you manipulate someone in a positive way, it’s okay. This is waaaaaay too simplistic for my taste here, especially given the pollyannic dismissal of any actual kind of offensive spell. If you’re seeking a magical means to “break” a spell that is little more than the emotional manipulation of another, perhaps you might consider more direct, mundane means of addressing the situation.

Another form of magic is magic formed on thought forms alone. … This type of magic can also effect others around us, positive being positive and negative being negative on others to the point feelings can come across as a form of spell or enchantment..

Apparently the emotions and thoughts of others is a type of spell or enchantment which needs serious breaking techniques. Or basic shielding. But probably heavy breaking.

So, you’re the victim of a dangerous stray thought or emotion of a hapless passerby, which is apparently the equivalent of a serious magical attack. How do we handle it?

1. ) Be Strong Mentally – Meditate or use Affirmations

Since shielding is not a consideration, this might serve as a decent substitute. Which would help to defend against the kind of  “spells” being discussed here.

2. ) Try to understand the cause and step away from the situation.

Try to understand that the cause is being an overly sensitive fluff bunny that doesn’t shield ambient energy and interprets it as an aggressive presence. Step away from that.

3. ) Confront the source if feeling very strong mentally and use words to break the spell. This is to give you your own power back.

So, just talk to the person? This just may work if you’re dealing with manipulation or stray emotions. In fact, it might work very well. But you might get some strange looks if you refer to it as aggressive and controlling spellwork instead of an emotionally manipulative attitude. If you’re being hit with real offensive magic, I’m not sure if this will get you far. This assumption that you cannot be affected by offensive magic if you are secure in your “personal power” is potentially dangerous, and can cause serious problems if you are actually under magical attack.

4. ) Another option is to relocate away from the spell.

Seriously? Move? That seems pretty extreme for some emotional manipulation, especially when the previous advice was to stay secure in your own personal power.

5. ) A powerful way of breaking a spell is leaving the country and travelling over water .. Water is a powerful spell breaker..

So now you have to leave the country to escape the spell? Seriously? And just consider how these spells have been defined – subtle manipulation by another. Leave the country. Fuck me.

Or travel over water. Why not – it works for Harry Dresden.

The author seems to have a very curious idea of what spells are and how they behave, which is apparently rather similar to the Westboro Baptist Church, in that they camp out at a site rather than targeting people, are potent only because of their bad thoughts, and apparently can’t swim.

6. ) Contact a psychic and use there services to help break.


So, the ultimate culmination of this masterful essay on how to break a spell is find someone else who knows how to do it?

So, my advice on how to replace the alternator on your car: call a mechanic.

Home remedy for an upset stomach? Call a doctor.

How to unclog a drain yourself: Call a plumber.

Look for my upcoming line of how-to books based on this premise. As soon as I contact a ghost-writer.

So, how would you actually break a spell?

First off, the disclaimer. Actual offensive spells are very rare. For them to be effective is even rarer. If you think you’re the victim of an offensive spell, odds are pretty good you’re not. You’re probably going through a bad patch and looking for a reason why, when there may not be one beyond “you’re going through a bad patch.”

So bad stuff is happening? Think you’ve been targeted? Get it confirmed. By at least three sources. Without telling them your tales of woe first. In the off chance that it’s all confirmed, how can you handle it? Counter-spells aren’t hard. A simple sigil spell to cancel, negate, reflect, or undo any harmful spell targeting you should be easy to pull off. If you have more information, such as the specific intent of the spell, or who cast it, can make it even more effective. Let that sink in for a minute: if you are the target of a negative spell, you do not need to know who sent it to undo it. Just do a spell to undo it. If you want, get some friends to help, but the basic intent is pretty simple: “remove spell causing effect X on person Y.”

The fluffery is not needed. The paranoia is not needed. The regarding normal daily interactions as harmful spells is not needed. Leaving the country is not needed. And taking the advice to contact a psychic from a blog with ads for psychic hotlines is not needed.


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