Badass Witches

We’ve all encountered that one person who has done that one Thing, and is more powerful than Everyone, and ain’t afraid to tell everyone about it.


Sometimes you may be dealing with someone of some talent who has accomplished something noteworthy. Other times it may be someone who has no such accomplishments anywhere other than his or her own head. In either case, it can be annoying if they just won’t shut up about it.

I’ve had some really significant magical successes. And I like to talk about them. Not because I like to brag (well, maybe a little …), but because it excites me to know end that I was able to pull things off. And there are something that I know I’m good at, in part because of these successes. But I don’t go on about them constantly, and I don’t delude myself into thinking I can handle Anything (and if I start to do these things, I take stock of myself real quick and have a lie-in).

Ignoring such people can help, especially if they’re bragging about what they could do, if they only wanted to. Sometimes if I’m a bit fiesty and some is telling a story that seems more bullshit than not, I’ll just ask a lot of questions. (Really? You banished the Solar entity with the LBRP? I didn’t think that worked on planetary spirits ….)

Some people may have some oomph to back up their braggadocio, but like Al Bundy, are reliving that one start moment and have not done much else since. They might get one in on you, or might start and argument or some other kind of dispute to assert their awesomeness. I just tend to redirect the conversation from such people. A simple “That sounds cool, hey, what’s the weather supposed to be?” works better than trying to one-up them.

Badasses are usually braggarts, and simple disinterest can go a along way. Most people who are successful at significant works of magic tend to be more humble about their accomplishments (at least after the euphoria wears off).


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