As I’ve said before, moving is a bitch for me. My Scorpio/Cancer dynamic makes relocating problematic, and it takes me a while to settle in. But my internet is set up, and I have some free time, so I shall be posting.

I’m in a recuperative mode. My current situation is one which will enable me to get back on my feet, recover from some losses, and make some progress towards where I want to be.

So I have set some goals.

1) Money. Grad school was not cheap. My degree did not suit me for a career. I owe. Many posts on money magic are sure to follow.

2) Write. This includes blogging for fun and profit — I have found a means that may enable me to earn income from blog posts. But it also means devoting time to something I had not worked on for a long while — writing fiction. I have been something of an “armchair author,” and I hope to have at least some short stories published by this time next year.

3) Exercise. I’m not a spring chicken anymore, and I’m getting pudgy. I need to lose some weight and tone up. I’ve never really been hot or studly, and I think I’d like to be for at least a little while before I hit 40. If my other plans go well, this will include martial arts training.

4) Music. A few years ago, I bought a guitar. I still have not learned to play it. This shall change.

5) Networking. I am in a position to get involved in the local community, especially in the local pagan community. I already have some good contacts — I just need to get involved. We’ll see what kind of attention I can attract ….

6) Magic. I have the opportunity to refocus on my personal practice. I also have a lot of new projects I want to work on, some of which are much more “heavy duty” than I am used to (at least on a regular basis).

All of these will involve magical work and support, and depending on the level of success or epic-ness of failure should provide fodder for commentary and blog posts.

May Mercury and Apollo favor me.


4 responses to “Goals

  1. You sound alot like me. I tried starting a novel I feel would do well with the current topics people find interesting within the horror-fantasy genre, but I lost interest in the attempt to force myself to write it. It’s not that I hate the idea or the story, it’s that I could be doing a number of other things that I find more fun and interesting. I’ve had a guitar gathering dust for the last 4 years. I touched it once, broke a string and have been afraid to try since. I also have a bodhran I don’t know how to properly play.

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