Magical Attacks

Magical attacks happen.

There seem to be two dominant mindsets regarding magical attacks. One is the victimhood mindset that beliefs that everything bad that happens in someone’s life is a magical attack, the work of demons/black lodges/chaos magicians/whatever. The other is the self-blaming mindset, which posits that anything that might appear to be a magical attack is actually due to paranoia and self-delusion.

As often happens, real life exists in the gray area between these two extremes. Magical attacks happen, but not very often, and when they do happen they tend not to be very effective. But sometimes they are, and it is useful to know 1) how to tell if a suspected attack is real, 2) how to protect/defend yourself, and 3) you’re not alone: it has happened to a lot of people.

So this tale from the highly esteemed Donald Michael Kraig is very welcome. He talks about a rather intense magical attack he dealt with (not directed at him) and how relatively simple it was to stop with basic techniques. Given how instrumental Kraig’s book was to my own magical training, and how influential he is, I’m glad to see him giving attention to something that is too often downplayed or glossed over by the “We Don’t Have to Worry Because Wiccan Rede” crowd.

Read the whole thing here.


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