Wealth Magic

I recently acquired Frater UD’s book on Money Magic, and I rather like it.

A few interesting points:

1) Frater UD associates money magic with air, not earth. This makes sense. Prosperity and material wealth are rightly associated with earth, but money is an ephemeral thing that stands as a place-holder for a transfer of value. It is mobile barter, and symbolizes an exchange of one thing for another. That is very airy (and Gemini). Recognizing this is not only useful for magical associations, but for contextual associations: recognizing money as a means to an end helps focus on what you really want. Which leads us to …

2) Money is a means to an end. This is a very important magical point that I have heard over and over again, but that very few people seem to internalize. Quite simply, magic just to get money isn’t very useful, as money is a means to get something else. No one wants money just to have money — they want money to buy something else that they want. So enchanting for money to get a new car is aiming short: just enchant for the car, and if gaining money is the most efficient means of getting the car, so be it.

3) Money isn’t going to work for you if you don’t trust it.







So thinking like this, fearing money and material wealth, is going to cause some bumps in your magic. Christian holdovers demonizing wealth (and power, for that matter) still plague the pagan community, and suspicious treatment of money of not conducive to handling it well. A lot of people I know denounce materialism and profit motive while simultaneously complaining about their lack of resources. Rationalizing your lack of finances with moral superiority doesn’t help pay the bills.


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