Magic on the Go

Not all acts of magic can occur in the comfort of your own home. The home, however, is where most of us keep all of our magical supplies and tools. So if you use tools to enhance or help along your magic, what are you to do if you’re out and about?

I took a page from the great Phil Hine and assembled a magical toolbox. (Yes it’s an actual toolbox.) In this toolbox I keep magical items that might come in handy for doing quick spellwork or other magical or metaphysical things.

I don’t always have it with me, but I will carry it along when I go to magical groups or circles, metaphysical discussion groups, to places associated with the above or with general weirdness, if I’m going somewhere specifically to do magic, or even if meeting with or visiting people with whom I commonly do magical work, discuss magic, or might want to have my tarot deck around for.

I keep a few common items in my box, such as an athame and tarot deck, and a few unusual items, such as silly putty (yes, for magical work! I used to carry balloons, but my son got into them many years ago and I haven’t bothered to replace them). The important thing is to have a few tools and items so that I can perform emergency magic or devotional work whilst away from my home.

Other suggestions might be string, rubber bands, crystals or marbles, dice, deity figurines, seashells, sticks, or any other objects that might help a spell on the fly.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, I present my very first video, in which I take you on a tour of my magical toolbox. (Apologies for the shakiness — I had a lot of coffee today. And the reason why I fumble awkwardly with my right hand is obviously because my left hand is horribly disfigured. That, or it’s holding the camera: you decide.)


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