Pagan Author Attacked

A while back I made some comments about the attacks against the home of pagan author Kyrja Withers.

The situation is escalating:

[Kyrja’s daughter] Heather Withers was outside the colorful house her father and stepmother live in on Washington Street in New Port Richey on the evening of April 15 when she saw a blue car on Washington. The vehicle passed the house going south and then turned around and came back toward the home.

She said there was a young man in the driver’s seat and another in the front passenger seat with his body sticking out of the window. She said the driver was also coming out of the window. There was also a young man in the backseat.

She says two bottles with fluid inside were thrown at the house from within the vehicle on its return alongside the home. One landed near a bush in the front yard of the house. She saw the bottle expand and tried to get away before it exploded.


Det. Greg Williams with the New Port Richey Police Department says the agency is investigating the bottle throwing incident at Kyrja’s home and that he’s also handling the March 28 shooting case.

He said he believes the Withers are being “targeted,” but he doesn’t know the reason. He said he’s heard Withers’ concerns that these may be connected to her faith. He said that the police are looking at every angle in this case.

Williams sent the remains of the bottles to a Florida Department of Law Enforcement lab to try and determine what fluid was in them.

You can see the police station from the Withers’ home. The police park their vehicles in lot at the corner of Washington and Adams Street, just north of the Withers home.

The proximity of the incidents to the police department is “what’s really alarming,” Williams said.

We’ve gone from shootings (the report said the windows were shot out with BBs) to coke bottle bombs (which were thankfully not filled with nails). Right across the street from the police station.

This woman needs a gun.

Please offer her support in any way you are able or think is appropriate.



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