Pluto Rx

In cased you missed it, Pluto has gone retrograde.

Pluto is a big planet (despite being very small, and not even being a planet anymore). Pluto deals with transformation, hidden knowledge and secrets, power, and mastery, and killing off or rebuilding things that aren’t working well. So when a planet like that slows down and goes retrograde (in Capricorn!) there is going to be a lot of re-evaluating and adjusting or discarding of plans.

Anna over at the Llewellyn blog has a brief write-up on it:

Pluto, ruler of Scorpio and the eighth house, symbolizes renewal, reincarnation, and the deepest parts of our selves, so now is the time to reflect on any sources of frustration in your life caused by these things (or a lack of). Are we not facing our inner selves, and confrontation of the past or of certain habits needed for a fresh start? Now is not the time to start new projects but rather to finish up any Pluto-related goals or business left unattended. Pluto in Capricorn also provides us a time to set goals related to ambition and career; perhaps these goals themselves are what need to be re-evaluated (again with the “re”).

The central theme of Pluto is that what doesn’t work must be culled to make way for the new. It is a planet of pruning: cutting the bad so the good can grow. If you are on the right path, and what you are doing is working well, there might not be much to cut away. But if you are supporting a lot of dead weight, your choices are either cut it away or be crushed under it.

And since Pluto is currently in Capricorn, expect everyone you know to have an existential crisis about their career. (I know I’m frustrated and at a complete loss on that front.)

But Pluto is not just about cutting away, it is about fertilizing and preparing for new growth:

Pay attention to what house in your chart Pluto stations retrograde in, as that is where you will be most impacted (depending on the house, the focus of your re-assessments could be money, relationships, career, etc.). Use this time to gain insight and grow, making plans for the changes you will make when Pluto goes direct in September.

Take advantage of this summer for a time of re-evaluation and introspection.


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