Leave of Absence

I’ve been keeping up with my blogging pretty well over the past two months, and I have developed a small but steady readership during that time. I want to take the time to thank all of you who bother to visit my little corner of the web, and especially those who make the effort to comment and contribute (even if I don’t respond to your comment — I’m bad about that).

But I am going off to yet another Heartland Pagan Festival here in, well, the Heartland. And as such I will be enjoying humid heat, the amenities of my tent, and a complete lack of contact from the outside world. (Well, that assumes that there haven’t been any new cell towers built near Mclouth in the past few years since I last went, so who knows – I may pop in on the Twitter occasionally.)

But I’d like to keep some activity here on the Blacklight, so I’ve set up to advance publish a few posts. Those posts will include some links to a few of my articles and blogs posts from the past that I am particularly fond of, as well as links to other sites and blogs that I like to visit. (Unfortunately I can’t link o any interesting articles that might be written in advance, but the homepages should be enough.)

So if you are so inclined, take the time to revisit some of my older work, as well as to peruse the work of those that inspire my writing.



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