The Best of Chirotus: HPF Day 1

Here’s my first batch of old blog posts, for your reminiscence or delighted discovery:

On Pagan Sacrifice, wherein I discuss the nature and purpose of sacrifice to the gods, as well as call for the consumption of delicious, tender animal flesh in the name of the gods.

I talk briefly here about Demons, and then break into an anecdote about smoting one.

And then I had fun fisking a fluffy-bunny’s alleged advice on Spell Breaking. Because people who regard crankiness as a magical attack are where you want to go for solid magical advice.

And some extra reading:

The Wild Hunt is a fantastic resource for pagan related news and opinion pieces.

The Allergic Pagan has some great articles from the perspective of a Jungian pagan.

Spiral Nature is a great website for informative essays and book reviews.


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