The Best of Chirotus: HPF Day 2

I think that today shall be about money.

Here I talk about Poor Pagans, and how if you’re a good pagan and the gods love you, you’ll never be poor.

And in Pagans for Profit, I discuss the opposite notion, how good pagans should never, ever pursue money in any form, especially through magic.

And in Magic for Money I go full tilt and address the issue of doing magic for money, which I have no problem with.


And some more websites for you to look over:

Magic of Thought, website of Mike Sententia, who has a fascinating and innovative approach to magic.

The always interesting blog of ceremonial magician Frater Barrabbas, Talking About Ritual Magick.

And the Witchy Stuff, a blog by Cara, who has an interesting and diverse YouTube Channel on things pagan, magical, and other.


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