The Best of Chirotus: HPF Day 3

Here are some fun things that I’ve written.

Advice from Mars is one of my favorite blog posts. I wrote it while under a semi-trance state and fully believe it to be channeled advice from Mars. Imagine it being read by Russell Crowe in Gladiator.

Odin’s Witnesses is a great about why you don’t proselytize to pagans in the SCA.

And on a more serious note, here is a Revisit to my article on Patron Deities.


And here’s a few more websites to visit, if you haven’t already.

Specularium, the great Pete Carroll’s website, where he melds physics and magic in a most elegant fashion. Carroll has completely inspired my understanding of time and is the reason I don’t believe in the Big Bang.

Practical Pagans is a site featuring blogs of several of my tweeps, people with very diverse and interesting perspectives.

Letter’s From Hardscrabble Creek is the blog of pagan writer and scholar Chas Clifton. I have cited his work numerous times in my academic career, and have the utmost respect for him, even if he dissed on Synaulia once.


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