The Best of Chirotus: HPF Day 4

By now I am thoroughly sunburned, am covered in bug bites, I stink like sweat and lakewater despite the showers, and I have had heat exhaustion at least twice. Keep me in your prayers.

Here’s some things that annoy me:

This gem is from way back on 2006 when I was posting to My Space. Some poor girl was in a bad situation, and wanted a magical solution when a restraining order and a concealed carry permit were more appropriate. I suppose I was a little rough on her, but taking mundane measure to protect against dangerous measure before taking magical solutions is just Common Sense.

One thing that really annoys me is this bullshit about “Indigo Children” and “Crystal Children.” No, your child is not more spiritually evolved because you never taught it boundaries and it acts entitled and aggressive all the time. I proposed that indigo was The Color of Self-Esteem, and that kids these days have way too much of it.

This essay was one of the only essay’s I’ve published that got me hate mail. The whole notion of “progress” annoys me. Ask someone what we are progressing toward, and it will inevitably someone’s idea of a perfect world, that will just as inevitably be at odds with someone else’s idea of a perfect word. Throw in a gross misunderstanding of evolution and leading us up toward something, and we get a Progressive Evolutionism that leads to a bunch of people condescending you because they’re more enlightened than you’ll ever be.

And let’s not forget, magic is a great way to escape your problems! Why Magical Escapism annoys me.

I hope I’m really not as grumpy today as would be indicated by this selection of essays.

And for some linky love:

The Llywellyn Blog features a lot of great input from a lot of great authors, especially Donald Michael Kraig, who’s book Modern Magick taught me more about practical ceremonial magic than any other source at my disposal. Read his blog and buy his book!

Inciting a Riot is a blog by Fyre Lite, who also features a regular podcast on pagan topics. His Project Pagan Enough is an inspiration.

Enfolding is chaos magician Phil Hine’s  blog, and features a lot of interesting commentary on sacred sexuality and queerness.






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