The Best of Chirotus: HPF Day 5

Here’s some nostalgia: these are the first essays I had published at the Witches Voice.

Fair Weather Wicca, where I whined about the fact that a camp out for a bunch of nature worshipers to come and worship nature was canceled because of the unpleasantness of nature.

Know Thy Ego, where I humbled myself before Nemesis after being rained out of a later camp out.

And Sessiomagus, where I discuss the armchair magician (theoretically, of course).

And a few more links:

Therioshamanism, the blog of Lupa, whom I hold in the highest regard, and greatly regret not being able to meet the year she was at Heartland.

Patheos, which features a wide variety of essays on many religions, including some pagan ones.

And Magical Experiments, blog of pagan author Taylor Elwood, who has many interesting perspectives and thoughts on things magical.


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