The Best of Chirotus: HPF, the Return

I’m home today. But I’m tired. I have a bunch of equipment and clothes to sort and clean, I probably have some sunburn, bites, and mild dehydration to take care of. And I’m betting I’ll be spending a bit of time today sleeping. So I present one more day of links to my older work before sharing any interesting experiences and insights I had from my trip.

Some practical magical tips:

Magic on the Go, describing my magical toolbox.

Weather Magic. Later on I’ll share how successful my weather magic for Heartland was.

Warding the Home, some practical advice.

Why Banishing and Protection are important.

Paganism and relating to Christianity:

My take on Animism, Spirits, and Gods.

Witches and Wizards, and sorcerer and priests.

On the Pagan Bubble.

Pagans and Jesus, and why we can be friends.

Please feel free to peruse any blogs listed to the sidebar on the right that I haven’t linked to in the past few days!


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