Bigger Sacred Places

A while back Lupa wrote about the small, sacred places that influenced her interaction with nature. I decided to honor this with a video tour of my own small sacred place from my youth. In response to that, Lupa put out a call to pagan bloggers to talk about their own sacred spots from their past and share with all of us memories and descriptions of those spots. I encourage anyone with a blog, be it WordPress, Blogger, livejournal, Tumblr, or whatever, to share not just words, but if possible pictures or even video of some of those spots.

But it’s not all about the small stuff.

I have just returned from Heartland Pagan Festival at the Camp Gaea Retreat. For anyone unfamiliar with the Kansas City area, this camp is an amazing place, distant from the city, reasonably removed from the local population, and home to many pagan gatherings and events. The site is well developed and cared for, has a lake for swimming, a bathhouse with real showers and flush toilets, cabins available, and plenty of spots for camping, meditation, and ritual work. And it is a place of tolerance for people of all religions and lifestyles. And it is clothing optional.

I am mentioning this because there are several locations at Camp Gaea that have been cleared and maintained as sacred places, for ritual, meditation, reflection, and remembrance. And unlike the small, sacred places, this is a larger place that is set aside expressly for mystical experiences, and is protected and respected as such.

This is not a tour of Camp Gaea. It is a brief visit to a few of the special places at Camp Gaea. If you’re in the neighborhood, please visit. There is much more to explore.


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