Jack Faust shares his experience with being cursed via malignant spirit.

So we broke out the Psalms, the dancing, and the poppet. And that motherfucker became more-or-less successfully bound at the time of our choosing. It was probably not the greatest use of the technique, though. We didn’t mask the link, and so when the poppet went off and forced the motherfucker to be silent… He knew he’d been worked on. And promptly hired a sorceress, who promptly sent a spirit down that link.
Where it found us. On vacation. It began slowly; one of VVF’s runes went missing. We had trouble sleeping. In fact, the first night, two spirits I’d worked with heavily for years and told me that something bad was going to happen if I didn’t take immediate action. Being a complete idiot, I ignored the instructions.
Unpleasantness ensues.
My own experiences with things and people that have worked against me are not so dramatic. (Unlike Jack’s experience, no one sent a spirit after me.) But there are two in particular that I think are significant.
1) The Business Curse: My then girlfriend was running an herbal tea business, with heavy saturation in the newage/metaphysical market. She apparently pissed someone off and/or made them jealous, because she got hit with … something. Her business never flourished, and anyone who helped her in any way ended up suffering career or business problems of their own. This included me, and I suffered several issues at the job I was working at the time. We were never able to identify the culprit, and all efforts to remove the juju were only temporarily successful. At best we were able to mute its effects, even with outside help. This curse was confirmed and identified by several outside sources that had no knowledge of the events transpiring, although none could identify the aggressor beyond “jealous female and maybe companions.” I regret to admit that this issue is still ongoing.
2) The Despair Curse: I am not prone to depression. But I have been feeling lost for some time, and that lends itself to a certain level of despair. I found myself suddenly losing all motivation and inspiration for any creative or constructive endeavor. It was when I began entertaining suicide that I knew something was up. I had it confirmed from other sources that something had been set upon me, and managed to block it in such a way that the aggressor would not know it had been discovered. I do not actually feel that the aggressor intended me to kill myself, but that this person was attempting to drain my motivation for some reason, and it spiraled out of control. I’m still not sure who sent it upon me, or what the endgame was, or if it was related to the first issue. But this was a bit sloppier, and something that I can more easily sense and defend against now.
Yes, curses do happen. And they can be dealt with. But they are rare. Don’t panic, stay grounded, be aware of yourself, your friends, and potential enemies, and shield. As I’ve said before, if you think something is up, get it confirmed by at least three separate sources who do not know the details of what’s going on. And don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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