What Being Pagan Means to Me

A while back, I read a comment on a pagan Facebook group that asked the deceptively simple question, “What does being pagan mean to you.”

I have a long-standing tradition of scoffing at such commentary. The internet is filled with people whining about what something-or-other means “to them.” Because apparently what it means to everyone else, or what it is in itself, doesn’t matter at all when compared to how they feel about it. (Yeah, I’m not one for post-modernism.)

I am breaking with that tradition and treating the question as a valid one, since it is. (Especially given the state of the Inter-Pagan Definitional War or 2013.)

A lot of this is material that I’ve commented on before in one way or another. I’ve talked about problems and considerations related to defining paganism. And I’ve talked a bit about how I view the environment, be it developed by man or in an abstract sense. And I’ve thought about how these ideas might fit together.

Well, this is the result of those considerations. It’s proving pretty damn tricky to define paganism as a concept or movement, but I can describe how I conceive of “paganism” as something that is relevant to my life.

And for me, being pagan is to have an awareness of the subtle connections of all things around us, and to integrate that awareness into your life and actions.

And now, me rambling at a camera:

Please comment below and/or on YouTube! Let me know what you think, not just of what I discuss, but on how the video production is coming along.


2 responses to “What Being Pagan Means to Me

  1. Love the video! Both the content and production I really agree with your views on the lack of separation between “nature” and “civilization.” I also feel that paganism is more about connecting with the environment around us, no matter what that environment may be.

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