Links of Interest 28 Jun 2013

Because of time constraints, I’ve decided to start doing one of those round-up type posts (on a regular basis if I can) that covers blog posts and commentary that either I haven’t gotten around to commenting on myself, or that I think are interesting but not directly related to the kind of things I want to talk about here, or items that I want to present without commenting or that are presented well enough that they don’t need commenting. Got all that?


So, for my first “Links of Interest”:

SCOTUS rulings!

Despite my contention that there is no such thing as “pagan politics” and that the “pagan community” isn’t enough of a thing to offer cohesive opinions about anything, Here are some reactions to the SCOTUS ruling via the Wild Hunt:

Fire Lyte at Inciting a Riot also has some cogent analysis of the decisions:

And John Halstead at the Allergic Pagan also has some things to say:


Now, on to some other points of interest.

Mike Sententia at Magick of Thought has some useful advice for framing and dealing with procrastination:


Psyche at Spiral Nature offers and interesting look at the currents of change in the Chaos Magic movement:


And Chas Clifton has a piece on the nature of sacrifice, and what it means when gods offer them:



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