Naked Pagans

I’m not a nudist. I burn too easily. I blame my Celtic heritage.

But there seems to be an expectation among pagans that by nature of being pagan, you shun clothing. At the clothing-optional pagan events I have been to, I have encountered the expectation that I remove my clothing, and even had to defend my decision not to against accusations of sexual repression, bad body image, and the like.

Wiccan covens that engage in skyclad ritual aside, there really isn’t anything about being pagan that equates to being a nudist. So where does that expectation come from?

Sounds like an excuse for a video!


5 responses to “Naked Pagans

  1. I used to go to an annual clothing optional Women’s Summer Solstice retreat and when I was younger and my mother was making sure I was always slathered in sunscreen I would ditch my clothing completely and run around completely naked. As I got older I started to wear wrapped sarongs instead to avoid sunburns. A few years I did the whole ‘dance naked by the fire’ thing but the event was held in high desert which meant that it raw frigid at night when we held ceremony. I think personal comfort is the key concept here.
    I no longer attend the event for a verity or reasons but I think that if I still did I would do so completely clothed. Anyway, these are my somewhat ramble-y and incomplete thoughts on the matter.

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