Dealing with Non-Magic Users

We all have some kind of term that we use to denote non-pagans or people who don’t use magic. Cowans, Mundanes, Normals, Norms, the Unawakened, Muggles. And all of these terms are a bit condescending.

We all have to deal with non-magic users. They are related to us, they work with us, and they judge us. But we have to interact with them at some point.

How do you get by? Do you act differently around them? Do you look down upon them or distrust them? Or do you deal with them like everyone else?



2 responses to “Dealing with Non-Magic Users

  1. I think unless they’re a robot they usually have some small piece of magic that they use. It’s very human. How many people recite charms every time they see a solitary magpie?

    • It’s not whether or not people “have magic” or use a “small piece of magic.” I believe every act to be magical, and every decision a person makes to be a magical process. (But I also believe magic to be a function of moving through time.)

      What I’m getting at is when you, as a person who consciously explores the limits of reality and consciously bends that reality, encounter a person who is unaware that the world can function that way, or doesn’t think that it does, how do you interact with them? Can you function in the “mundane” world, or do you try to bring everything back to the metaphysical wonderings you are used to?

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