How I See It

I’ve talked before about how I visualize things. My visualization skills have been improving, but I still have a lot of room for improvement.

A friend of mine showed me a new tarot deck that she got called Book of Shadows. A most fascinating project, it actually features two decks (created by Barbara Moore), As Above, which deals with matters abstract and spiritual, and So Below, which focuses on more down-to-earth issues. The As Above deck is the one that captured my attention because of its higher order and dark imagery.

I don’t want this to turn into a deck review (but if you’d like to know what Moore was up to, read her review here.), but I think a few images might help here.

What stood out to me is that the images are bright, as is the immediate environment, which cannot really be distinguished from the personality/archetype being focused upon. Only hints of the background and larger environments are there, and what is there is mostly a suggestion of what other images might be associated.

While at the main ritual at Heartland Pagan Festival, there were many people milling about around the central fire ring, waiting for the bonfire to be lit. Most of it was darkness, with the exception of a few people who had torches, flashlights, or glowsticks with them, and were thus partially illuminated. When I looked out upon the field, what I saw was a darkness containing hints of the world it contained, punctuated by a few brightly lit faces surrounded by some of their immediate surroundings – only what they were immediately interacting with. Like the tarot cards pictured above. Like the way I visualize interactions with other entities.

I’m not sure it that’s how other people perceive such visualizations or not. I know a lot of visually inclined artistic types that report elaborate pathworkings with detailed environments, vistas, and temples. But this is the closest I have come yet to describe my developing visualization skills.

And like wandering the field in the dark, even though I could not see what was there, I still knew what was there. I was aware of the topography and the landscape, and even where people were, even though I could not see them.

Anyone else “see” things this way? Or do you have more “visible” experiences?


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