Shameless Self Promotion

Hey everyone!

Just a friendly reminder to find me at the places I’m at, if they’re the places you’re at.

I have a fan page on Facebook at

I have a YouTube channel for my videos at

I am on Google Plus at

And of course, I’m on Twitter at

I’ve also added some features to my blog so that you can more easily share blog posts you like on several different venues, and there are some options to follow my blog (via e-mail or RSS). Also, I have added features for you to rate blog posts so I know how much you like them. And as always, please comment and let me know what you think! I am making more of an effort to respond to all comments and get a discussion going.

And most importantly (to me, at least), please share posts you like with other people who you think might like them. The more readers I get, and the more comments I get, the more I know that what I’m doing here isn’t just to satisfy my own vanity, and I’ll work harder to get more and significant content here.



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