Another Hiatus Ends

I took a bit more time from blogging, as you can plainly see.

I had some good reasons, I suppose. Or good enough.

One of them involved a huge abscess upon my chin. It was bad enough that I was doped up on hydrocodone, and they weren’t able to lance it. I will spare you the details, but it should be said that 1) It is getting better, and 2) I will be waiting a while before doing any more videos, because better still looks pretty hideous.

Another one involved putting some more effort into work. I’m getting a promotion and have been working extra hours. I’ve also had an interesting opportunity come up, and I just may decide to take this job seriously enough to go after it.

I’ve been working some on an idea for a series of blog posts on the Roman Virtues. I want to do a little more work before I start in on it, but it should be worthwhile.

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten any work done with the Avatar and Elements stuff I’ve been wanting to do. But I’ve been pondering it for a while, so it will happen.

There’s been some other stuff going on, but that’s most of what I feel the need to share. (Yes, there was mining and crafting happening as well: mea culpa.)

But I have been filled with inspiration, and my liver is okay with processing alcohol again, so there will be writing. Stay tuned for the next exciting episode.



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