Blind Spot Tarot Spread

Arwen Lynch at Pagan Square has a fantastic tarot spread for uncovering the thing that we’re not seeing in a problem that is just as important as what is clear as day.

I’ve developed a spread to help find the blind spot. It asks five questions to investigate what we are blind to in ourselves. More importantly, the spread focuses on why and how to integrate it into our selves to become more whole. This spread is meant for those of us who want to explore themselves using Tarot as a tool.

I think first we have to know what we see to be able to understand what we don’t. One person might see themselves as an amazing, critical voice who helps others make choices. But he might not see his own block of ego that won’t allow him to hear others when they are critical of him. Still another might see themselves as the most positive person in the world. Yet she can’t see her own denial of the very real negative things in her life as a block.

It’s a rather simple and elegant spread which helps show us the things we refuse to see and integrate them in a useful manner. Check it out here.


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