I’ve been getting a lot more traffic here lately thanks to Tumblr, and I welcome and appreciate all of my new readers and visitors.

But I’ve been getting busy lately. I have a lot of stuff going on in the next few weeks, and that with my job, I’m having trouble writing.

So I’m going to cheat.

I was fortunate enough to encounter the following on Tumblr:


Made for deuognatos but anyone is free to use it 🙂


Day 1: What lead you to start practicing witchcraft?

Day 2: Where do you draw inspiration for your practices?

Day 3: What do you call your “witchcraft”?

Day 4: Do you call yourself a witch? Why or why not?

Day 5: How do you see/define magic? Do you use magic?

Day 6: Do you practice divination? If so, what techniques? If not, why?

Day 7: Do you have any ethnics or moral codes that you follow? And to a lesser extent, your view on cursing/hexing?

Day 8: Does your family and/or friends know you practice witchcraft?

Day 9: Do/Will you teach and practice witchcraft to your children? To others?

Day 10: Have you ever faced discrimination for your views on witchcraft or how you practice?

Day 11: Do you work with Sun/Moon/Rising signs? Why or why not?

Day 12: Do you work with seasons? Why or why not?

Day 13: Do you work with lunar cycles? Why or why not?

Day 14: Do you use any items or tools that can be found around the household?

Day 15: Do you use any items of tools that aren’t normally found in households, and what are they?

Day 16: Do you use an altar or a special location for your practice?

Day 17: Have you used any “unconventional” items for your practice?

Day 18: What has been the most resourceful place to look for improving your witchcraft?

Day 19: What has been the worst resource?

Day 20: Are you religious or spiritual? How has that influenced your practice?

Day 21: Have you used or considered using pop-culture in your practice?

Day 22: Have there been types of witchcraft you’ve explored but in the end rejected?

Day 23: What are your thoughts towards media’s portray of witchcraft? (ie: Harry Potter.)

Day 24: Is there a popular witchcraft practice or belief that really irks you?

Day 25: Do you write your own spells?

Day 26: First spell you did and why.

Day 27: Last spell you did and why.

Day 28: Favorite spell you found/wrote/used.

Day 29: Describe a time when a spell failed.

Day 30: Describe a time when a spell went better than expected.

Day 31: Piece of advice for anyone starting out?

This appears to be one of those “blog a day” thingers. I can answer a lot of these pretty briefly, so I’m thinking I’ll do three or four a day. When I get the chance, I’ll still be posting other stuff on top of this. But I think this is a good chance to tell a bit more about myself and my approach to magic, and it allows me to keep writing without straining myself too much to come up with material.

And as always, if you want to know anything about me or my practice, just ask. (There’s a link on my Tumblr for just that.) I will make an effort to answer all question I get, but sometime the answer may be “I’m not going to tell you about that.”



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